Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Peas Please

We had a breakthrough this week that dieticians and dentists world-wide would thoroughly approve of. It was 'snack time', that sugar dip around half ten when Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper needs a nutritional top up or all hell breaks loose. As usual I offered a glass of milk and a homemade oat biscuit. Ok, 'homemade' might be a tad misleading, They were made at home, just not mine (they were actually made by the lovely lady who runs the deli). Anyway, confession over, back to the story. So I've offered the snack but instead of the customary you-haven't-fed-me-in weeks type glee, I am met with a howl and dramatic sobs from a furious Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper. Ok, not quite the response I was expecting. Let's figure this out.

"What's the matter? Would you rather have water?"


"Did you want your Gruffalo plate instead of Dancing Mice?"

Scream and foot stamp

"Ok, give me a clue"

Tear-muffled response that sounds like 'I need a pee'.

"Ok, well nip to the loo then come back for your snack. Honestly, were the histrionics really necessary?"

Howl, then toddler drops theatrically to the floor. (Destined for the stage this one).

"I...(sniff).....want...(sob)... a green pea...(hiccup) its bed"

A green pea in its bed. As in a fresh pea in its pod? Has my child really just requested a pea over a biscuit? Extraordinary! ‘What’s the secret?’ I hear you cry. We’ve just had our first crop of peas from the allotment and clearly the novelty of podding them and then eating them raw hasn’t worn off yet. Peace is restored as I hand over four pods of perfect little peas. Struggling with a toddler who won't eat vegetables? Grow some - they'll bite your hand off for them!



  1. And peas was restored to the household! Groan, sorry, couldn't resist. Mummy would like to know your secret - how do you manage TNSTT, work, blogging, and still find time to grow your own veg?! You sound like Super Woman to me!

  2. A-ha, well that's where you children come in. TNSTT does most of the work with the allotment - planting the seeds(mostly in the right place, occasionally in a welly boot), weeding (half weeds, half much-loved plants) and picking (a touch heavy-handedly but nevertheless effectively). Your mummy needs to get you working. (And not being able to walk is no excuse)!