Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Calling All Inventors.....

1) Weetabix glue
We all know that dried on Weetabix is near impossible to remove. ‘I need the chisel for the highchair again’. So why not go one step further and pop it in a tube. There – a multi-purpose, high strength, environmentally and child-friendly glue. I’d like to see the ‘yoof’ in my town trying to get high on that.

2) Steriliser with separate compartments
Open the lid to get one bottle out and you lose the sterile environment for all the other bottles. A simple design flaw.  All we need is a steriliser that has individual compartments and lids, allowing you to get one out at a time without affecting the other bottles.

3) Welly boots that can’t be kicked off
Twenty eight. That is the number of times I had to put Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper’s wellies back on whilst going around the farm today. They’re off in the car, off in the pram, off at lunch, off on the loo, kicked off into the cow pat, off in the car park, one left in the mud and so on. Shoes have buckles so can’t you think of some fastener for boots please?

4) Stain remover that actually, completely removes stains
Need I say more?

5) Baby smell hoover
I’m always sniffing Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper. That sounds weird but you know what I mean. You mummies reading this probably all do it too, often without even realising you’re doing it. That baby smell is simply addictive and I find it strangely calming. What I need is a little gadget that sucks that gorgeous smell of baby up and filters it into a bottle.

6) Pre-baby machine
Looking at wedding photos from five years ago I realised that I’ve aged. And I’ve aged more than is normal in five years. Why? Because I am a mother. Permanent bags under eyes? Check. Strange wobbly bit of tummy that won’t go away? Check. Boobs that sit 2 inches lower than before? Check. An extra half stone of weight from finishing up all of Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper’s leftovers? Check. Please find a way to zap me and return me to my pre-baby body. (In fact I’ve just realised our wedding was four years ago not five so please add memory-fixer to the list!)

Well anyway, that’s enough for you to get started on. I’ve got masses more ideas so come back soon for more to work on. Bye for now....


Come on inventors, I need your help. It’s quite simple. I’ve spotted several gaps in the market, so below is a list of things I think you should invent. There’s no catch. I’m not even going to charge you for my ideas. So, get cracking…..


  1. Some great ideas! I thought the Baby Smell Hoover was going to be something completely different though - Mummy and Daddy would like something that gets rid of the lingering smell of dirty nappies! Even when the nappy is long gone, my room hangs on to that very distinctive 'perfume.' The sprays on the market just don't seem to cut it, although some days a knife might! Daddy's baby! :)

  2. Have just read your blog from the beginning and chuckled all the way through - you sound like me five years ago! Will be popping back to keep up with your tales of being a fellow working mum. WM x

  3. Thanks Working Mum. Tell me it gets easier! x