Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Singing Songs of Praise for Semi-freddo

Picture the scene.....
You've invited friends over for a midweek supper and have realised, the day before, that in between putting the hours in at the office, keeping Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper fed watered and relatively happy and ensuring you don't miss Eastenders or The Apprentice you have zero time to prepare. Now normally you'd whip down to handy premium supermarket for a ready made wonder dish but sadly the friends in question live off the very same supermarket's very same wonder dishes so effort is required. Well panic not dear friends, I am going to let you into my very best kept pudding secret: Semi-freddo. Essentially it's a posh-looking and very easy home-made ice cream sort of thing. Serve it up and grateful guests assume you've spent hours slaving away just for their gastronomic delight. Seasonal favourite flavour has to be raspberry and limoncello (yes, that dodgy yellow liqueur that you glugged out of novelty bottles on teen holidays abroad). http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1100/limoncello-and-raspberry-semifreddo
Good luck and consume with caution - several hearty slugs of limoncello are hidden amongst the creamy raspberry innocence so toddlers, stick to yoghurt please! Oh and mums, no secret swigging - it's stronger than it tastes!


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