Wednesday, 29 June 2011

And the Moral of The Story is....Separate Handbags

Yes, I've seen those handbag organisers that compartmentalise your essentials. Yes, I've seen articles suggesting separate handbags for work life and for mummy life. Yes, I've ignored them all blindly because I know best. And yes, I've learnt my lesson the hard way and will follow wiser mums' advice going forward....

It's 9am and Working Mum is in professional mode, suit, lipstick, the works. The reason? Power meeting in the office with Mega-important but Misogynistic Client. Full checks were performed before leaving the nest: no Weetabix in hair, no breadsticks in pocket, no crayon 'decorations' on tights. Meeting is going well, Mega-important but Misogynistic Client has forgotten I'm female and is actually listening and nodding. Progress is being made and we start talking numbers. I reach into my handbag for my trusty calculator whilst maintaining eye contact as recommended in all Body Language for Business books, then cast my eyes down to commence calculations. Oh no. Oh please no. Not today. Not this meeting. Blood rushes to my cheeks, Mega-important but Misogynistic Client squints across the table, and there swinging jauntily from the corner of my not-so trusty calculator case is a pair of pants. What? No of course they're not mine! No, with cartoon characters grinning wildly it's a pair belonging to Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper. I kid you not. Keep calm, think, think. Well, there's nothing else for it.  I pick them up, give my nose a resounding blow on them and mutter complaints about hayfever, the curse of the summer, never grown out of it etc etc....

Separate handbags, separate handbags, separate handbags.

Please learn from this.


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