Monday, 5 September 2011

Questions, Questions and More Questions

Yes, we’ve hit that stage with Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper where every second sentence is a question. Honestly, she must average around 3,000 questions PER DAY, and every question gives you a little insight into the workings of her wonderful mind. Here are a few my recent favourites:

1)         “Mummy, what’s under the grass?”
            “ Soil, you know, what we plant the seeds in at the allotment”
            “What’s under the soil then?”
(Yikes, can’t remember, is it magma or something or is that just in films??). Says confidently:  “It’s the Earth’s core darling”
            “No Mummy, I think it’s a witch and a troll”

2)         “When I’m a big girl can I marry Daddy?”
            “No sweetheart, I’m already married to Daddy.”
            “Ok. I’ll have to marry Grandpa then”

3)         “Why is that man wearing a skirt” (said in very loud toddler voice)
            “It’s not a man it’s a woman with very nice short hair” (Excruciating!)

4)         Said in huge voice in hospital waiting room after ‘internal’ scan: “Mummy, why did you take your trousers off for that man?”
            Sniggers in the waiting room and a few sympathetic glances
            “Umm, because he wanted to see mummy’s tummy darling”

5)          “Daddy, how heavy is air?”

6)         “Mummy, why do ladybirds have spots?”
            “Umm, I’m not sure actually.”
            “Is it so they can match my tights?”




  1. I'm sorry, I'd post a decent comment if I weren't laughing so hard! Ha haaaaa! TNSTT sounds like a scream! I love her logic - of course ladybirds have spots to match her tights. And mine.
    Mummy says she feels very sorry for you for number 4.
    CB x

  2. OMG this had me laughing out loud! Am not looking forward to my toddler hitting this stage! Good luck!

  3. We're just heading there ourselves. My nearly 3 year old has figured out that she gets constant attention if she asks "Why?" until I don't have an answer/giggle helplessly at the thought of the nonsense I'm coming up with to keep going with the answers- she joins in the giggling and thankfully stops...occasionally I do remember that I get far more entertaining answers if I turn the tables.
    Love yours - we'll watch out for those witches and trolls.