Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mummy Bloggers Bite Back

Why is there so must bitching and sniping about mummy bloggers in the press at the moment? What did we ever do to them? I’ve seen a couple of ranting articles against us (often written by women) and also a fair few snide comments – how do they have time, I bet they’re just parking their kids in front of the tv whilst blogging, don’t they have anything better to do etc etc. Well I’m sick of it. Back off journalists, we do bite.

How do we have time?
We’re supremely organised, multi-tasking wonders who can blog and cook simultaneously, whilst also planning tomorrow’s power outfit for the office and the children’s social diary for the weekend.

I bet they’re just parking their kids in front of the tv.
Well actually most mummy bloggers I know blog in the evenings when the monkeys are in bed so that blows that argument out of the water. I also blog on the train to meetings and mentally plan what to write whilst stuck in traffic, in the supermarket queue and anywhere else I’ve got a few minutes to fill. So there!

Don’t they have anything better to do?
Like what? Watch tv, chat on the phone, go to the gym? Why does blogging annoy people so much? It’s nothing to do with them what we do with our free time. Blogging for me is therapeutic, entertaining and free. Not a bad hobby I think.

So, journalist lady, whilst you’re sitting at home with just your 13 cats for company, think of me with a glass of wine in hand, lovely husband in the garden, gorgeous toddler dreaming away upstairs, happily writing my next blog. Who’s got it right – me or you?!



  1. good point!

    I blog for a hobby, mainly on my blackberry and mainly on the train or at night. So my house work mya get a little ignored but really who needs a clean house!

  2. couldnt have put this better myself!! I totally agree with you, blogging is harmless, done in our spare time mainly and its not got anything to do with these journalists!! they have obviously run out of things to write about after the hacking im off o put my son to bed so i can blog! xx

  3. Thanks Miss Jade 21. Now the rioting has kicked off I'm guessing they'll cut us some slack until the next slow news day! x

  4. Totally agree with you Northern Mum - housework is definitely the lowest on my list of priorities. Blogging's far more interesting! x